If you are interested in competing for M.C.A. Please adhere to the following.

1. You must train at a legitimate academy. 

2. You can initially contact us but we will be dealing with your coach asap. It’s easier, especially if many from the same academy are on the card.

3. From the date of confirming a competition you will have 21 days (unless the match is sooner) to complete your medical requirements. If after 7 days there is no progress on medicals we will look for a replacement.

4. All promotions expect you to pump the event and sell tickets. We will want you to promote the event on all social media platforms that you have, and to sell tickets. Of course if you are coming from out of town we understand if you can’t sell tickets but we still want you to promote theĀ event on social media.

Call or text 952-292-5232 if interested in competing.